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Mandy Moore

Its Gonna Be

Its gonna be me baby,its gonna be you baby,Time I've been patient for so long,how can i pretend to be be so strong,looking at you baby,feeling it to baby,if I'm asking you to hold me tight then its gonna be all night!

CHOURS-its gonna be love,its gonna be great,its gonna be more then i can take,Its gonna be free,its gonna be real,its gonna change everything i feel,its gonna be sad,its gonna be true,its gonna be me baby,its gonna be you baby,its gonna be,its gonna be love

Time in my restness, your a fool,how can you pretend to be so cruel,maybe its me baby,maybe its true baby,maybe its everything we're dreaming of,we waited long enough


The sooner you let to hearts meet together,the sooner you'll know this love is forever,its gonna be nothing,now or never,its gonna be love,its gonna be strong enough


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