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【 Spider's Web(CD Single) 】【 2006-04-17 】

Album songs:
1.Spider's Web

2.Cry Baby Cry

Album Intro:

'Spider's Web' is the sixth single of Georgian born songstress Katie Melua and is the third single from her album Piece by Piece. The title song was written during the lead up to the Iraq War and is said to be about finding the difference between right and wrong. Written by Katie herself, it was named Jungalist Single Of The Week on the day of its release; the reviewer claimed it as evidence that Melua is a much superior songwriter to Mike Batt, who writes much of her jazz/blues repertoire.

In the video for this single, there is a visual reference to Schindler's List.

The single was a bigger success in continental Europe than in Britain, where it only made #52 in the UK Singles Chart. In Poland, however, it made the top three.